Guest Post: Access and Lessons in Medieval Combat

by Tim Baker This article came about because of the worries expressed by a friend about learning to fight, due to accessibility issues, then wondering both what advice I could offer and how I could adjust my own teaching. For anyone who does not want to read the whole thing for my conclusions, the short […]


A new way to support Access:LARP

After some hard thinking I have decided to shut down the Access:LARP Patreon page from 20th September (you won’t be charged for this month). Instead I have created a Ko-fi page for Access:LARP – Ko-fi is a platform that allows one-off donations as well as on-going monthly support. As priorities and circumstances have shifted […]

How to Ask and How to Tell

Over the past few years it has been amazing to see how accessibility has improved in LARPs across the UK and even further afield. One small yet crucial part of this is seen in the booking or interest forms for events: that little box which says “do you have any medical issues or disabilities”. That […]

Non-Com? Not always

This is a recurring topic in LARP discussion groups the world over: who is considered a non-com and what do we do with them? In the early days of accessibility in LARP the assumption was that disabled players wouldn’t be involved in combat and would be a “non-com” player. Aside from the fact that this […]

Finding an Accessible Venue

How to find an accessible venue is something I am often asked. It’s a tricky business. That’s why I’ve produced the Guide to Finding an Accessible Venue. Unfortunately there is no quick answer to this problem. Because “accessible” can mean different things to different people there we can’t even rely on a venue listing that […]


This post is long over due but we are finally here. Haplocke is a BSL interpeter/Communication support assistant in real life but is also a LARPer. While not the only signer who LARPs Haplocke has been acting as an IC interpreter at British fest LARP Empire. She has also spent some time working with LARP […]

Accessibility for Hearing Impairment

Hello folks! There is a new Guide  – The Guide for Accessibility for Hearing Impairment – now available in the Organiser’s section of the website. As always it is free to download and for use under the Creative Common’s license. This 14 page Guide covers different types of hearing impairment and possible accommodations to suit […]

Interview with Under the Stars!

I had a chat with the organisers behind 80s prom horror game Under The Stars which, as well as leaving the players more than happy, was also congratulated on it’s accessibility. Read on to see what Emma, Izzy and Shek had to say about the event. Can you introduce yourself for us? Do you have […]

Show your support with our new logo

Access:LARP has a new logo. What do you think? It was created by designer Sam over at Shiny Shiny I won’t be replacing our wonderful banner image just yet but the logo will be in use on the FB page, on Patreon and anywhere else a logo fits including the heading of any new Guides. […]

Top 5 Tips for Players

Following on from the General Guide for Players, here are my Top 5 Tips for LARPing with Access Needs. Talk to the organisers This is one of the biggest things you can do. Hopefully plenty of information about the game and accessibility will be made early on, but it helps to talk to the organisers […]