A new way to support Access:LARP

After some hard thinking I have decided to shut down the Access:LARP Patreon page from 20th September (you won’t be charged for this month).
Instead I have created a Ko-fi page for Access:LARP – https://ko-fi.com/accesslarp

Ko-fi is a platform that allows one-off donations as well as on-going monthly support.

As priorities and circumstances have shifted in my personal life I’ve not been able to keep up the early pace of producing content for Access:LARP. Additionally the type of material produced for Access:LARP doesn’t really fit in with the Patreon model of rewards and creator/Patron interaction: not only do rough drafts of guides not make for exciting content, I have a rough time making something Patron Exclusive, when really I just want everybody to have access to accessibility!

I am still going to be creating content for Access:LARP and all the existing material will be be available as always on the Access:LARP website.

I realise not all of you will follow me over to Ko-fi and that’s ok but I do hope that some of you make the move with me.

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com


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