Guides for Organisers

Guide to Accessibility for LARP

This is the original guide to accessibility in LARP and will take you through every stage of organising a LARP including examples for each. It covers both physical and neurodivergent accessibility

Guide to Mental Health Accessibility for LARP

This guide focuses on mental health accessibility. Accessibility for mental health needs is less understood but just as important. This guide takes you through the various stages of organising a LARP including examples for each.

Guide to Accessible Documents for LARP

This guide focuses on producing good documents for LARP. From your initial website to special In Character documents for your game, documents and written pieces play an important role in LARP. Making them accessible means your players can make the most of them.

This Guide is written in association with Doug Kohler.

Guide to Writing Accessible Plot

This guide is for plot writers and organising teams. It’s not a guide for writing good plot per se but it will help you to integrate accessibility in to your plot. Taking you from the very seeds of an idea, through the plot writing process and how you deliver plot on the day.

Guide to Accessibility for Hearing Impairment

This guide is intended to cover improved accessibility for all types of hearing impairment as well as auditory process difficulties caused by neurodivergence. It gives organisers things to think about when planning a LARP generally and options and suggestions for providing specific accommodations based on your players needs.

Guide to Choosing and Accessible Venue

Though we can’t state whether any one venue is accessible or not, this guide is designed to help guide organisers through understanding what sort of accessibility they require and how to find or negotiate for those venues. It includes sections on identifying your needs, communicating with venues and a brief guide to the legal status of accessible buildings within the UK.

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