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Access:LARP has been running for over a year and has helped players and LARP organisers make better, more accessible games. Thank you to everybody who has supported Access:LARP so far and made it what it is.
But it’s time for Access:LARP to grow. Access:LARP is run by one person on a volunteer basis and all the guides are free to access and download. There are also free consultations for independent and amateur organisers to help integrate accessibility. And that’s how I want to keep it – a free resource.

But this does take time – while I want to keep it as a free resource, if you do like access:LARP, it has helped you or you have used the services and want to support it that would be an amazing help. Access:LARP helps build and strengthen our community. If you want to be a part of that, then this is the place you can show your support.

You can donate as little as $2 a month and that will go toward helping me keep the site running, provide more support, forums, talks and workshops. Patrons can receive regular updates on what is going on behind the scenes, previews of guides and articles, and much more.