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You can now support Access:LARP via Ko-fi.

Ko-fi allows one-off donations from as little as £3 as well as allowing recurring monthly contributions for those of you who want to show long term support. There’s something for everybody!

Donations via Ko-fi help to keep all the resources and accessibility guides absolutely free and will help me to write and publish more. It is and always has been one of the core values of Access:LARP that these resources are freely available to those who want guidance on improving the accessibility of their games. But there are costs associated with this, as well as lot of writing hours, and that’s why donations and ongoing support are valuable and highly appreciated.

If you are looking for tailored accessibility consultations or advice just for your game, in addition to the free guides, then take a look at what’s on offer on the Consultations page, with services starting from as little as £4.

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