The Guides are free to all organisers to download and use, however you may find that you have more detailed questions or specific scenarios you need advice on.

In that case you my want a consultation or more tailored guidance. Players and organisers are always welcome to submit questions for Q&A.

Access:LARP offers a consultation service for LARP organisers. There are several different services on offer. We offer a two tier pricing system to recognise that many events are run on a volunteer or amateur basis.

To book any of these services please contact Access:LARP via the Contact Form

Accessibility Document Writing
£4 amateur/not for profit
£8 professional
Access:LARP will produce a standard accessibility document for your use.

Document Review 
£7 amateur/not-for-profit
£15 professional
Documents including: accessibility policy; character creation; rules; setting; plot documents etc. Documents up to two sides of A4. The review will be tailored to your event and your needs and will include specific recommendations and advice in a full report.

Double Up
+ £4 amateur/not-for-profit
+ £8 professional
Add a second Document Review for a discounted price

Accessibility Bundle
£9 amateur/not-for-profit
£21 professional
Production of a standard accessibility document and a Document Review (up to two sides of A4) .

Tailored Consultations
£10/hr amateur/not-for-profit
£15/hr professional
For those organisers who require a more in depth consultation, want on-going support or for longer more complex document reviews and questions. The Tailored Consultation can include a full written report, discussion by email or video chat as well as on going support and reviews.

Other Services

Braille Setting
£2 per Braille sheet. Please see the Braille Setting page for more details.

Braille Machine Hire:
£5 per week + p&p
£5 refundable deposit required.
Includes full instructions, Braille guide, Stainsby Machine and a quantity of Braille suitable paper.

Venue Assessments
Coming Soon!

Training and presentations

Price: £100 per half day

If you have a larger team and want to make sure you are on top of accessibility with regard to LARP, interactive theatre, or live experiences you may want to arrange a training session.
Access:LARP can run a half day training session or workshop tailored to your needs to help your team understand the complexities and considerations of making a LARP or other event accessible.

Content may include:

  • An introduction to Accessibilty
  • Core concepts of Accessibility
  • Considerations for mental health accessibility
  • Accessibility in different areas of the event organisation
  • Examples and scenarios of access needs and how they can be tackled
  • Writing accessible plot
  • Finding an accessible venue or site

Please note the price does not include venue hire or travel costs though Access:LARP can work with you to find a suitable location if you do not have your own.