Finding an Accessible Venue

How to find an accessible venue is something I am often asked. It’s a tricky business.

That’s why I’ve produced the Guide to Finding an Accessible Venue.

Unfortunately there is no quick answer to this problem. Because “accessible” can mean different things to different people there we can’t even rely on a venue listing that states that they are accessible. The guide explains common features to look for and questions to ask of venue vendors. It also guides organisers through the process of deciding what accessibility accommodations they need to prioritise in their game and what they are willing to compromise on. This can be a difficult process as we have to weigh up the value of certain accommodations against things like the “perfect” room lay out or the ideal “look” of a venue. Hopefully the Guide will make the process a little easier.

The guide covers both indoor and outdoor venues as well as campsites, and briefly looks at the legal requirements of venues to provide accessibility under the Equality Act.

You can access the new Guide from our Guides for Organisers page.

The Accessible Venue Survey

As well as the Guide I am excited to announce that I will be building a venue database for easier searching. The aim is to have a database that can be searched by desired accommodation or feature. This takes the guesswork out of figuring out if “accessible” actually means it has the features you need.

But what’s a database without data? This is where I ask for your help and support.

Access:LARP has created an easy form for you to fill in when you visit or use a venue. Simply open up the form on your smartphone and fill in the fields which apply to the venue you are at. It’s simple and quick and will help to build a useful resource for other LARP organisers.

Don’t worry if you think somebody else has already filled in the form for your venue either. The more people we have submitting the more complete our information: there may be something you see that the earlier wasn’t able to take note of.

The Access:LARP Accessible Venue Survey


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