Show your support with our new logo

Access:LARP has a new logo. What do you think? It was created by designer Sam over at Shiny Shiny I won’t be replacing our wonderful banner image just yet but the logo will be in use on the FB page, on Patreon and anywhere else a logo fits including the heading of any new Guides. […]

Top 5 Tips for Players

Following on from the General Guide for Players, here are my Top 5 Tips for LARPing with Access Needs. Talk to the organisers This is one of the biggest things you can do. Hopefully plenty of information about the game and accessibility will be made early on, but it helps to talk to the organisers […]

New Player Guide!

There is a new Player Guide available on the Access:LARP website. The General Guide for Players with Access Needs This covers a wide range of access needs to make your life easier preparing for, playing and recovering from a LARP. This is a great starting point if you are new to considering access needs for […]

Unpacking Disablism in UK LARP Design

Originally posted on pseudoliving:
I wanted to write a bit about disablism in the UK LARP scene. Something that might not interest some of you, but interests me. A quick bit of context for those larpers that don’t know me: I’m a disabled LARPer; I use a wheelchair because of an enduring set of impairments,…

Introducing the Stainsby Braille Machine

In January I was told about a vintage Braille writing machine that was for sale online. After some record fast fundraising among Access:LARP supporters we were able to buy it and add it to the Access:LARP resource store. I took some time to learn how it work and research a little about Braille. It turns […]

Looking for contributers

In preparation for a new Guide I would like to speak to people who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing impaired or have auditory processing issues. I am interested in your specific difficulties, access needs you may have and accommodations you have made use of or would like to see. Any body with hearing difficulties […]

Interview with Accessiblity Andy

There are plenty of people out in the LARP world working to make the hobby more accessible. One such person is Andy, affectionately known as Accessibility Andy who volunteers for Empire LRP run by Profound Decisions. Since we are in the quiet period for fest games, I took the opportunity to ask Andy about his […]