Spotlight on IC access aids

[two pictures of a credit card sized wooden tag on a piece of purple string. The first tag has the woodburned inscription “I have CFS and Lyme Disease. My fatigue is making things tough can I have a seat?” The second picture shows the reverse of the tag reading “My fatigue/pain is making it difficult to communicate right now, please bear with me.”]

These excellent wooden tags (or tag, this is two sides of the same tag) are made by cabinet maker Sabrina of Fiftyeleven Cabinetry. They were made specifically for me (which is why they mention CFS and Lyme Disease) to have IC at Empire LRP and other non-modern setting games.

They are inspired by the excellent tags and products of Stickman Communications, which are designed to aid people with chronic illnesses to explain things when they are having trouble communicating (or just want a quick reference to show people).
Sabrina, who plays, crews and runs LARPs, was asked to make some IC-looking tags by her partner to help manage her chronic illness at Empire LRP events. She then realised that she knew many other people in the LARP community who would benefit from them and her pyrography skills. She realised that many people appreciated having things that were helpful but didn’t stand out as OOC in IC spaces.

“ I specifically make them double sided and a bit larger than credit card size so you can fit more complex sentences on. Each sentence is created by the person requesting them so they are all unique to the individuals needs. I also try to ensure that any NOT sentence is made so you can cover the not for when you actually do need it instead.”

The tags cost £5 each and are specifically priced so as to be as affordable as possible for those who need them. That price includes what ever custom text you have on them. She can even vary the font on them by request!

The tags (and any of Sabrina’s other excellent creations, from letter boxes to custom built beds!) can be bought via contact through the Fiftyeleven Facebook Page or through the Etsy Shop. She even takes her pyrography pen and a few blank tags to the Empire field for last minute customisation!

Do you know of any other makers or shops that sell great accessibility aids suitable for LARP? I’d love to feature them.


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