Lessons I learned

It’s been a few weeks since I ran my one off game New Pathways in Lycanthropy. A brief summary of the game: It was a modern day alternative universe in which Lycanthropes were a new but known phenomenon in our world. The event focused on training for people who work with lycanthropes and then unfolded […]

Eastercon 2017

I am excited to say that I will be running an Access:LARP session at this years Eastercon. Saturday 15th April 11:30 – 12:30, Salisbury (Hilton NEC Metropole) Access All Areas – an introduction to accessibility in LARP and how we can make games that don’t exclude disabled people. A look at what accessibility means, who it’s […]

Gallery and Tumblr!

Access LARP now has a Tumblr Blog! The blog will be focusing on collecting and sharing pictures of LARPers with accessibility needs. If you are a disabled, chronically ill (including mental health issues) or neurodivergent and LARP we would love to see your pictures. Tumblr users can submit directly via the blog or can tag or […]

Thank you and welcome!

Hello to everybody I met at Nine Worlds and thank you to those who came to the Accessible LARP talk. You were a small (in an enormous room) but enthusiastic audience and I loved your contributions. You certainly gave me things to think about and to add in to future guides and revisions. I hope […]

Nine Worlds

Access:LARP will be giving a talk at Nine Worlds Geek Fest in London Day: Friday 12th August Time: 11:45Where: Bordeaux room, Novotel West, Hammersmith What will the talk be on? LARP should be accessible to a broad range of people regardless for their health and physical limitations. Many people, including LARP organisers, don’t have a […]

Nine Worlds

Access:LARP will be running as session as part of the Identity & Culture program at Nine Worlds Geekfest on this August in London. Tickets are still available including one day tickets. The program schedule hasn’t been released yet but check the website to keep up to day with announcements and to find out what time […]

Q&A -avoiding mental health stereotypes

This week’s question looks at how we avoid negative mental health stereotypes in genres which traditionally feature “madness” and “insanity”. It references the Mental Health Accessibility Guide for organisers. Period horror is one of my favourite genres. You recommend avoiding using “madness” as a driver for “evil” NPCs… how do you think insanity caused by […]

Q&A: LARPing with a cane/walking stick

I have had some players and organisers asking questions about specific circumstances. I will be sharing the questions and answers on the page so that they can be an additional resource for other LARPers. If you have a specific questions about accessibility in LARP you can use the contact form to ask. Please indicate if […]