Peckforton Papers

Way back at the start of 2017, a call was put out for contributions to a new UK LARP publication. I decided to step up with access:LARP. My submission was accepted and I spent the year writing a paper for them. Those of you on Patreon will have had a sneak preview of the paper […]

Q&A – Guidance on information heavy games

A lot of my games are quite information-heavy — I run occult investigation scenarios with plenty of clues, documents and the like. I try to provide (and encourage the players themselves to provide) people with summaries and dot points to help make things comprehensible, but I’m wondering what else I can do. I am already […]


As a celebration of a good workshop at Nine Worlds (write up coming soon) and having over 300 followers/likes between Tumblr and the Facebook page I thought I would have a small giveaway. I am giving one custom Access Tag made by FiftyEleven Cabinetry, as a featured in yesterday’s blog post, to two winners. It […]

Spotlight on IC access aids

[two pictures of a credit card sized wooden tag on a piece of purple string. The first tag has the woodburned inscription “I have CFS and Lyme Disease. My fatigue is making things tough can I have a seat?” The second picture shows the reverse of the tag reading “My fatigue/pain is making it difficult to communicate […]