Unpacking Disablism in UK LARP Design

Originally posted on pseudoliving:
I wanted to write a bit about disablism in the UK LARP scene. Something that might not interest some of you, but interests me. A quick bit of context for those larpers that don’t know me: I’m a disabled LARPer; I use a wheelchair because of an enduring set of impairments,…

Introducing the Stainsby Braille Machine

In January I was told about a vintage Braille writing machine that was for sale online. After some record fast fundraising among Access:LARP supporters we were able to buy it and add it to the Access:LARP resource store. I took some time to learn how it work and research a little about Braille. It turns […]

Looking for contributers

In preparation for a new Guide I would like to speak to people who are d/Deaf, hard of hearing, hearing impaired or have auditory processing issues. I am interested in your specific difficulties, access needs you may have and accommodations you have made use of or would like to see. Any body with hearing difficulties […]

Interview with Accessiblity Andy

There are plenty of people out in the LARP world working to make the hobby more accessible. One such person is Andy, affectionately known as Accessibility Andy who volunteers for Empire LRP run by Profound Decisions. Since we are in the quiet period for fest games, I took the opportunity to ask Andy about his […]

Peckforton Papers

Way back at the start of 2017, a call was put out for contributions to a new UK LARP publication. I decided to step up with access:LARP. My submission was accepted and I spent the year writing a paper for them. Those of you on Patreon will have had a sneak preview of the paper […]

Q&A – Guidance on information heavy games

A lot of my games are quite information-heavy — I run occult investigation scenarios with plenty of clues, documents and the like. I try to provide (and encourage the players themselves to provide) people with summaries and dot points to help make things comprehensible, but I’m wondering what else I can do. I am already […]


As a celebration of a good workshop at Nine Worlds (write up coming soon) and having over 300 followers/likes between Tumblr and the Facebook page I thought I would have a small giveaway. I am giving one custom Access Tag made by FiftyEleven Cabinetry, as a featured in yesterday’s blog post, to two winners. It […]

Spotlight on IC access aids

[two pictures of a credit card sized wooden tag on a piece of purple string. The first tag has the woodburned inscription “I have CFS and Lyme Disease. My fatigue is making things tough can I have a seat?” The second picture shows the reverse of the tag reading “My fatigue/pain is making it difficult to communicate […]