Peckforton Papers

Way back at the start of 2017, a call was put out for contributions to a new UK LARP publication. I decided to step up with access:LARP. My submission was accepted and I spent the year writing a paper for them. Those of you on Patreon will have had a sneak preview of the paper back in the autumn when I was submitting to the editor.


Well, as of January 2nd the Peckforton Papers have been released and it’s a fantastic collection of thoughts, study opinions and lessons learned from a broad range of UK LARP writers, players and organisers. To quote Simon Brind (the chief editor):

The Peckforton Papers is a collection of essays, ideas, memories,
and guides to the last 36 years of larp in the UK. They range from personal
recollections of the early days at Peckforton Castle, how to guides for
writing and running larps, to academic papers looking at how larp affects
group dynamics. It is also our first attempt at writing about what we did,
what we do, and how we do it.

The Access:LARP contribution is “All Games for All People – The integration of accessibility”.

All games should be accessible to all people. It’s a bold statement and
at times contentious. But what does it really mean? Some people worry
that if all games are made accessible to all people that we will lose some
of the magic that makes games worth playing or that games will become
bland and “samey”. That does not have to be the case.

This is a great publication for anybody interested in LARP and an interesting read whatever your role in the LARP world.

The journal can be downloaded for free from Wychwood-end publications.

Or, if you would prefer a hardcopy you can purchase one from This is an entirely non-profit project and the cost (£6.45 + VAT) is entirely for the cost of printing.


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