Thank you and welcome!

Hello to everybody I met at Nine Worlds and thank you to those who came to the Accessible LARP talk. You were a small (in an enormous room) but enthusiastic audience and I loved your contributions.

You certainly gave me things to think about and to add in to future guides and revisions. I hope that you guys came away with some ideas about running an accessible LARP or about things that may help you if you are a LARPer in need of accommodations.

If you have questions about ACCESS:LARP go to our FAQ page.

If you have questions about making a LARP accessible or LARPing with access needs then you may like to submit for the Q&A or ask a question via the contact page.

If you are an organiser and want more in depth help in making an accessible LARP then check out the consultations on offer.

And of course there are the Guides for Organisers and the Guides for Players.

We are always taking submissions for new Guides for Players, if you have advice you would like to contribute.

Anyway, now to recover after what was an awesome (and very accessible) Nine Worlds.


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