Nine Worlds

Access:LARP will be running as session as part of the Identity & Culture program at Nine Worlds Geekfest on this August in London.

Tickets are still available including one day tickets. The program schedule hasn’t been released yet but check the website to keep up to day with announcements and to find out what time Access:LARP will be speaking.

The session will be running through the basics of what accessibility in LARP is all about and how we can start thinking about accommodations and access needs when creating our events. It will be great to meet people there and there will be a chance to have some of your questions answered. The convention accommodates all areas of geek culture from computer games to comics, to fandoms to cosplay and of course LARPing with a big focus on how all this fits in to our culture, identity and lives.

Nine Worlds works hard to make their events accessible, which is one of the reasons Access:LARP was keen to work with them. They are happy to make sure there is accessible seating for people, to ensure step free access and also ensure that there are hearing loop systems and BSL interpreters for those who need them among many other accommodations. They also cap attendance to avoid things becoming difficult to navigate, and though it will be busy they also designate quiet areas and chill out rooms for those who need a break from the bustle.

It really is the perfect event for Access:LARP to be at.


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