Call for player submissions

If you are a players with a disability, chronic illness or other issue that requires accessibility accommodations I want to hear from you.

Player guides are advice on how to LARP and manage your specific needs at an event from a player point of view. Because of that they need input from people who live and LARP with those needs. It’s understood that one person can’t represent the needs of every person who shares their disability or illness but, there is often general advice that can help or new ideas for people to try.

There are two ways you can contribute.

Firstly, if you are confident you know how to handle LARPing with your specific disability or chronic illness, you can submit a full guide. Please follow the basic format as shown in the Chronic Fatigue Guide on the Players page. IT should include a brief introduction, a clear statement of what sort of condition/illness/disability the guide will cover and then a series of bullet points or paragraphs that talk readers through condition management at every stage of the game. Contact Access:LARP through the contact form for more advice, to discuss your idea and for guidelines on where to send the completed guide. You will be credited as the writer of the guide.

Alternatively, if you want to contribute but aren’t able to write a full guide you can send your contribution via the contact form. Please include details of what disability you are writing about as well as the advice you would like to see in a guide. Your contribution will then be compiled with other submissions in to a complete guide.



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